Friday, August 26, 2016


The day started with a chicken making unexplainable noises. Except for today, it was a bit more of a screeching noise than normal. It had been thundering all night long and Margo nor her hen could get much sleep. Margo lay in bed looking outside her window, feeling a bit tired and groggy.

She reached down next to her bed to pet Anita, her favorite and oldest hen. The Delta attendant gave her a hard time about letting Anita on the plane from Wisconsin. But yes, she kept her indoors. Anita was a happy chicken who shat wherever she pleased. The second day Margo was living in the town of Winthrop, she went on a walk to explore the town and quickly met a new friend in a beautiful garden behind the laundry mat next to Winthrop Place. It was like no garden she had ever seen before. Everywhere she looked there were butterflies, fairy houses, and ladybugs. Wine bottles hung from every branch of an oak tree with papers stuck in them. Margo didn't know what these papers were but felt they could be letters. A chicken came up to her and gobbled. It was a colorful hen. Its feathers were of the shiniest gold to the point where she questioned if it was even real.

Suddenly, Margo heard someone yelling at her in what sounded like a foreign language. She looked behind her and there stood a short woman with a Russian pride T-shirt on. Margo said, "ok" and quickly began running back to her apartment in terror. The chicken ran behind and her and flew straight into her arms. She decided to go with it and take the chicken home.
Margo had been living in the town for about a week at this point and she knew she needed to start working soon. Today was the day she would walk the town and find something relatively decent. She remembered the laundry mat with the beautiful garden behind it and suggested applying. Little did she know the owner was a witch.