Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I decide to start the day with going to the Ikea up the road and buy a new coffee table. I'm just now arriving and as I go up the escalator I hear a woman yelling in a different language. She's spitting all over. I think it might be Swedish. All of the Ikea furniture is from Sweden, right? It's definitely not Spanish. I decided to bring Anita with me because she's never seen an Ikea before. I don't think she likes it. I look down in my purse and can hear what she is thinking. It's pretty great that we can communicate with each other.

We walk around for about forty-five minutes and find a white coffee table. It's really nice.

I thought that if I went to any public place people would look at me weird. But so far, everyone treats me like a normal human.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I remember it was cold. I got to go home a few days after being in the hospital. It's honestly like being a ware-wolf. they may as well just make a movie out of my condition. CNN is after me, national geographic magazine, everyone. I feel like I'll have to leave the country so no one knows where I am. there's no escape of whatever the hell has happened to me. it happens every night at midnight. I don't leave my apartment anymore. I order all my groceries from the internet, I don't even sleep. I can't sleep. I should call my parents. Wait no I shouldn't. I don't don't even know what I would tell them. I could just kill myself and get it over with. no more pain. no more of the blood being drawn from my skin every time the feathers start coming out. The piercing agony. It's like dying every twenty-four hours. I haven't talked to anyone in weeks. I keep my door shut and the lights off. oh god. I'm never going to have babies and get married. No one will ever be able to love me. after the changing happens after midnight I pace around my apartment. I'm unable to talk or yell for help. It's just a matter of getting used to and there's nothing I can do about it. I wonder if this will persist forever.

at least I have Anita. She's the best. Rollin' makes me scared. when its the middle of the night and we are all chickens together, she gats to talk, but Anita and I don't. That bitch. she will pay. I need to go back to tha garden to find that Russian woman. I knew there was something up with her the moment I met her. Me and anita are pretty much best friends. We have a plan to destroy Rollin'. I've come to realize so much after becoming a chicken.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wake up in a Hospital

I wake up surrounded by people I've never seen in my life and bright lights. What happened last night? There are lights flashing everywhere, and I'm so confused. I put my hands over my face trying to get away from everything. I hear the doctors saying, "scram". And the room soon becomes just the two of us. "Margo, how are you feeling?" I tell the doctor that I feel fine but I don't remember anything that happened to me last night. It's like I have amnesia or something.

"You literally turned into a chicken, Margo. It lasted a few hours and then you reverted back to your human form. We've only seen this in legends, but we had no idea it could be real." Well, he sure sounds like an idiot. I'm not a chicken, I'm not scared of anything.

This is an ancient looking hospital. It's almost as if it used to be a hotel. There's a chandelier above my bed. A chicken comes flying in through the window of the room and straight into the chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and before it comes crashing down and killing me, it stops in mid-air.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

For one night only

Margo looked Rollin’ in the eyes. They were the brightest of eyes with the reddest irises. It was a rather ghoulish chicken. Rollin’ wore royal blue collar with a bright, shiny diamond ring attached to it. No name or address.Margo began feeling dizzy. Maybe it was just one of those days she thought. Margo began involuntarily pacing the house. She was out of control.

Margo quickly began wondering what death could feel like. She liked the feeling. Rollin's eyes reminded her of that feeling. She began walking out of the apartment building and towards the streets. Anita stayed and Rollin' followed.

Up ahead stood a man in stilts, wearing vertical black and white stripes and making crowing sounds. She walked toward the man and three black tents appeared. Torches surrounded the tents, a full moon was out, and it was pitch dark outside. It smelled like cigars everywhere.

This reminded Margo of being a little girl and sitting in her papa's lap as he smoked and read the morning paper. She was home. In every direction, people wore stilts and had on animal costumes. There were no animals there, but rather people dressed up as them. In the back corner, there sat a man at a booth with a pen and black notebook searching the room and writing.

"Cocka" Margo spat out. She put her hand over her mouth surprised by herself. She felt her face was softer than usual. Feathery.

Friday, August 26, 2016


The day started with a chicken making unexplainable noises. Except for today, it was a bit more of a screeching noise than normal. It had been thundering all night long and Margo nor her hen could get much sleep. Margo lay in bed looking outside her window, feeling a bit tired and groggy.

She reached down next to her bed to pet Anita, her favorite and oldest hen. The Delta attendant gave her a hard time about letting Anita on the plane from Wisconsin. But yes, she kept her indoors. Anita was a happy chicken who shat wherever she pleased. The second day Margo was living in the town of Winthrop, she went on a walk to explore the town and quickly met a new friend in a beautiful garden behind the laundry mat next to Winthrop Place. It was like no garden she had ever seen before. Everywhere she looked there were butterflies, fairy houses, and ladybugs. Wine bottles hung from every branch of an oak tree with papers stuck in them. Margo didn't know what these papers were but felt they could be letters. A chicken came up to her and gobbled. It was a colorful hen. Its feathers were of the shiniest gold to the point where she questioned if it was even real.

Suddenly, Margo heard someone yelling at her in what sounded like a foreign language. She looked behind her and there stood a short woman with a Russian pride T-shirt on. Margo said, "ok" and quickly began running back to her apartment in terror. The chicken ran behind and her and flew straight into her arms. She decided to go with it and take the chicken home.
Margo had been living in the town for about a week at this point and she knew she needed to start working soon. Today was the day she would walk the town and find something relatively decent. She remembered the laundry mat with the beautiful garden behind it and suggested applying. Little did she know the owner was a witch.