Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wake up in a Hospital

I wake up surrounded by people I've never seen in my life and bright lights. What happened last night? There are lights flashing everywhere, and I'm so confused. I put my hands over my face trying to get away from everything. I hear the doctors saying, "scram". And the room soon becomes just the two of us. "Margo, how are you feeling?" I tell the doctor that I feel fine but I don't remember anything that happened to me last night. It's like I have amnesia or something.

"You literally turned into a chicken, Margo. It lasted a few hours and then you reverted back to your human form. We've only seen this in legends, but we had no idea it could be real." Well, he sure sounds like an idiot. I'm not a chicken, I'm not scared of anything.

This is an ancient looking hospital. It's almost as if it used to be a hotel. There's a chandelier above my bed. A chicken comes flying in through the window of the room and straight into the chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and before it comes crashing down and killing me, it stops in mid-air.

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